Winter has well and truly set in for the east coast of Australia, with Sydney and Brisbane’s temperatures breaking records and no reprieve expected anytime soon.


Weatherzone Meteorologist Chris Matthews told Yahoo News Australia several placesĀ in the east are feeling extra cold right now thanks to the wind.

“It’s so windy, the temperature might not be that cold, but the ‘feels like’ temperature is actually pretty extreme, and makes it seem even colder than maybe the numbers suggest,” he said.

However, even without the added wind chill, some capitals are experiencing the coldest start to winter in decades.

Pictured is a map of Australia with the blue shading indicating where temperatures have dropped below zero.
Australia has had a cold start to winter, with the blue shading indicating where temperatures have dropped below zero. Source: Windy

More snowfall and strong winds could lead to blizzards

The Bureau of Meteorology warned at the start of the week that most of Australia should brace for colder days and nights in the coming days as cold air from the Southern Ocean moves across the country.

Jackson Browne, a senior Meteorologist at BOM, said the cool conditions will hang around for about a week, but there is a warm lull on the way the following Thursday and Friday.

“Temperatures over New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania settled back down from being felt at six degrees below average around two to four degrees below average,” he said.

But come Saturday another polar blast from the south will see further snowfall in alpine regions and some severe weather warnings for damaging winds.

“We will see the snow levels of Tasmania drop drastically around 200 metres,” Mr Browne said.

He added that lower-lying snow combined with strong winds could even result in a blizzard.

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